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{ STAYING SOCIAL } Facebooking, Blogging & Educating!

As a business based on the marriage between tradition and creative, contemporary innovation, we make sure we continually evolve alongside current cultural and technological trends – which is why we are hatching a new look and approach to showcasing South African art online!


Julian Motau - South African Artist - Township Art - Apartheid Era - Absolut Art Gallery


One of our responsibilities as a gallery is to continue the celebration and honouring of our South African art heritage, and also providing rich educational resources online – for art lovers, art collectors and young art students alike. This is why we keep our Facebook page fresh with current art news and interesting posts about both old masters and contemporary artists. This is also why we’ve now added a Blog section to our website for you!
We are also updating all of our artist CVs to include videos, podcasts, interviews and more! Have a look at Julian Motau‘s CV and tell us what you think on our Facebook page. We invite you to share any facts, photos or intriguing snippets of information with us on Facebook which we can then add to the artists’ CVs!



We leave you with a moving tribute to Julian Motau after he was assassinated, shot from the back: ‘En Skielik is dit Aand‘ by South African composer Hendrik Hofmeyr, inspired by poet, Wilhelm Knobel: