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At Absolut Art, we value a wide range of art for our clients on a daily basis. Valuations are provided without any obligation. However, many of our clients are keen to sell their art on the art market. We are well linked to an extensive range of international specialists all of whom are leaders in their respective fields of expertise. We work in close cooperation with the appropriate specialist to provide our clients with a current market or insurance valuation.

We specialise in the valuation of original South African art based on current market values.

Examples of artworks we have valued include artists such as

  • Irma Stern,
  • JH Pierneef,
  • Gerard Sekoto,
  • George Pemba,
  • Maggie Laubser,
  • Cecil Skotnes,
  • George Pemba,
  • Pranas Domsaitis,
  • Walter Battiss,
  • Frans Oerder,
  • Anton Van Wouw

Now matter the artwork, collectors and sellers , still need to know the financial value of an artwork. Valuations, appraisals and authentications serve several purposes: They help the collector in making prudent buying and selling decisions, updating fine art insurance and trust and estate issues.
We  are also available to guide the collector and novice, buyer or seller, with current market values. We can also assist potential buyers and sellers, to either source the artwork they are after or potential buyers for the seller.

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