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Smit, Anton

Anton Smit

Anton Smit was born on 2 August 1954, in Boksburg, South Africa. He was raised in Boksburg till the age of three, in Grahamstown till four, and in Port Shepstone from the ages of four to eight. Most of his formative years were spent in Kwa- Zulu natal.

In standard 9 and 10 (1970- 1971) in Oos Moot he was becoming a rebel, questioning the system and the rule of Authoritarian figures. A key turning point involving a artistic aspiration came in 1971, when he participated in the National Bible competition and won his first sculpture competition.

Anton Rupert bought one of Smit’s works for the Rembrandt Foundation. A collection of his work was exhibited during the inauguration of President Nelson Mandela at the Union Building in Pretoria in 1994. Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu and ex- minister Pik Botha bought some of his Sculptures.

Today he is widely revered for his overwhelming heads and monumental sculptures, evoking themes of suffering reconciliation, glory and sublimation. His works grace public and private collections countrywide and internationally.

“A human being consists of the choices he makes”– Anton Smit

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