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Humanity Exhibition – 10 – 28 February 2017

Humanity Exhibition

10 – 28 February 2017

It is widely accepted that art and emotion go hand in hand. Art in its various forms is often a mode of expression. A number of theories in the past of limited these emotions to feelings and moods, whereas contemporary ideas suggest that aspects of expression like thought and attitude should also be considered. Understanding emotion is understanding humanity.

Emotions drive our actions as well as others perceptions thereof.The expressive nature of art is compounded by one’s ability to communicate feeling, attitude and thought. Artists have the unique position in society to provide sources or wells of emotion. These are the qualities by which a person is defined. Our ability to laugh, be sad and even to ignore define our humanity.

In the history of humanity there have been notable instances of artists ability to elicit feeling, thoughts and moods. Observing these cases show relevance to time and milieu, but the idea of art as a connector to emotions is undisputed

Humanity Exhibition Catalogue (PDF)