Terrain - A Group Exhibition 13 October - 4 November 2017

Terrain – A Group Exhibition

13 October – 4 November 2017

Capturing the beauty of an open terrain or untouched plain is no easy task. The term landscape, originating from the dutch word ‘landschap’, is usually thought of as a scene of nature. It is a a traditional concept has certainly evolved to include other scenes including urban settings and a variety of human elements. In similar fashion a terrain speaks of a stretch of land, notably looking at its physical features.

The ‘terrain’ exhibition will primarily focus on landscape art, dating back to the 17th century when this form became important historical features. Art during this time is generally considered to subscribe to a specific style, earning it the name of classical landscape. As a result art graduated to becoming the subject itself as opposed to merely a background. Landscape art gained popularity throughout the 18th century but it wasn’t till the 1800s that this art form saw a dramatic increase of landscape paintings which depict nature. In this time the art became a clear depiction of the natural surroundings, allowing us to ‘explore’ foreign lands. As people began to appreciate these aspects of nature the effect of man on nature also became apparent, leading to industrial and urban focused landscapes.

Terrain-Catalogue (PDF)